Talent Show

The impostors clan

This new talent show, placed on the prime time of the Galician tv has the objective of pure television entertainment for all the family members.
Show starring/featured by five popular characters willing to do anything to offer the best television entertainment.
The goal of the five contestants is to win the votes of each week show to get to the prize: a check for a cash price that will be delivered to one NGO or to a local charity society.




Queres ser o mellor

We all want to be the best in something, either an olimpic sport or singing karaoke songs with our neighbourds. We all know the advantages of being the best: personal satisfaction of doing something well, the small fame, the greeeting of your relatives and friends, and in professional terms, the money. Conclusion: it is great to be the best.
In "Do you want to be the best?" There is a contestant that begins being "The best", and he or she will suffer from the attacks of the other contestants to try to place themselves on that position, and enjoy the benefits of being the best!



Xosé Manuel Piñeiro cheers up the summer nights on the galician regional tv.



Actualizad@s is a weekely educational contest of 50 min length, that convers every week a general interest field. Actualizad@s lands where the new is and shows it in every way possible. A new media format, on which every week an actual theme is being covered through the look of two reporters that are where the things happen and reveal them the way they are, applying their personal look. Actualizad@s shows the day-a-day of villages, towns and cities all over Galicia and their people, traditions, the old and new life styles, characters and individual never seen or heared before.

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