La Pasión de María Soliña

Titulo Original: 
A Paixón de María Soliña

“A paixon de Maria Soliña!” is a historical featured film that describes the born, the organization structure and the duties of the Spanish Inquisition tribunal through the case against María Soliña in Galicia on the early seventeenth century. It tells the chronicle of the facts pointing out the historical and social motivations that existed behind the accusations of witchcraft at that time.

María Soliña is one of the legendary character of the galician cultura tha best defines the fight against the repression and adversity. Her story resume very well the chase that a lot of women suffer, not only in Galicia but also in Europe, accused of witchcraft and judged by the Inquisition tribunal. María Soliña became an icon of the Galician culture, and her story was transmitted through word of mouth to became cover and analyzed during all these years by historical researchers and artists until she has became a new kind of “Joahn of Arc”.

The spanish Inquisition tribunal, was born under the Catholic kings on the XV century. Its progressive growing through the different kingdoms in the peninsula will be due to various political and religious reasons, but basically with the intention of remove and erase the beliefs that were out of the catholic dogma, such as Judaism, Protestantism or pagan practices (spread out especially on the north of the peninsula).

Witchcraft trials were very common until the latest XVII. A few years before María Soliña trial, the events occurred due to the Logroño process against the Zugarramurdi sect, in the Navarrian Pyrenees , will change completely the inquisitorial laws. The inquisitor judge Alonso de Salazar y Frías, makes a vast work based on the study and gathering of facts, to write afterwards several papers to prove that the esotericism and the superstition were quite often in the witchcraft sentences and on the mentality of many inquisitors, clerics and judges. Based on his work, considered nowadays as a humanistic reference, practically the bonfire sentences disappear under the inquisitorial tribunals.

This featured film dives into these facts through era fiction, since the story of María Soliña to the Santiago de Compostela tribunal instauration, the story of the Spanish inquisition since its foundation, the Logroño process and the investigation of the inquisitor Alonso de Salazar y Frías called “the witches lawyer”.
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